Procedure Mindfuck or OM is a crucial practise when you look at the religion Discordianism.

The phrase ended up being coined by Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson through the Illuminatus! Trilogy. The Patron Saint would be the Midget.


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Historical Past

OM ended up being in the beginning instigated by Ho Chi Zen, on the Erisian Liberation side, that is equivalent guy yet not equal unique as Lord Omar Khayyam Ravenhurst, composer of The truthful reserve of Actual Facts. The driving way of thinking is the fact originally recommended inside principles of activity and business behaviors by von Neumann and Morgenstern: specifically, the sole technique which an opponent cannot anticipate happens to be a random method. The cornerstone received been already put through late Malaclypse the Younger, K.S.C., when he professed, «you Discordians must all put apart.» This revolutionary decentralization of Discordian enterprises developed a built-in haphazard component prior to functions Mindfuck got suggested. Still to this day, neither Ho Chi Zen himself nor some other Discordian apostle is aware without a doubt who’s or perhaps is perhaps not associated with any stage of functions Mindfuck or exactly what activities they truly are or may not be involved with within that visualize. Thus, the outsider try promptly caught in a double-bind: really the only safe expectation is the fact that nothing a Discordian should try somehow about OM, but, since this directs directly to paranoia, that isn’t a «safe» supposition in fact, and «risky» hypothesis that no matter the Discordians performing is harmless might «less hazardous» ultimately, possibly. Every facet of OM observe, or emphasizes, this double-bind.

Controversy Reigns

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There is a difference among Discordians in respect of regardless if, through OM, they ought to seek to benefit country, topple they, or say that the training is in fact just for recreation. Because the majority of functions Mindfuck it self need hyperbole and overstatement regarding talking about the Discordian Society, it is not easy to ascertain the genuine size associated with the marketing campaign, be it big or virtually non-existent.

During The Illuminatus! Trilogy, Operation Mindfuck are epitomized by a champion named Markoff Chaney, an anti-social dwarf that participates in subtle useful joking, in a purposeful try to lead to dissension, as a protest against his or her mistreatment by community. One such ruse involves the forging of clues which are signed by «The Mgt.» (top visitors to feel might from «The administration» rather than «the Midget») that have absurdities, and putting the symptoms to get along with other corporations.

Patron Saint

The Midget ended up being known as the Discordian Saint of process Mindfuck. The type ended up being encouraged by Michael Arthur Quinn aka the action Master of Florin.


There are various tasks that c laim to be associated with functioning Mindfuck.

Repeat projects

  • Project Jake: «Promoted by Harold escort in Inglewood Lord Randomfactor. A couple of times each year, an open servant who’s got differentiated on his own by over typical imbecility is selected as goal for a Jake as well as Discordian cabals is alerted.» The state are recognized gets post all the cabals at a time on Jake Day. The emails must always be printed in the official letterhead of each from the cabals and request aid in «some stressful governmental material that moves all logical comprehending.» Probably many wide-reaching Discordian Jake had been The Jake that switched some sort of.
  • Toki Pona: a task which anyone can try when taken to the serious may have a wide-reaching impact on mankind, the recently growing campaign to determine Toki Pona like the worldwide communication. One recommended technique is to boldly put it to use in established businesses and constitutional alternatives to say that their application is simply businesses as always, while attempt possibilities built to draw in essentially the most consideration and outrage, such discovering legitimate issues add within the UN. Lojban has-been suggested as an interlang to be used as a dialectical antithesis, some sort of discordian-funded healthier opponent to become the established losers of tale.
  • Undertaking Eagle: «Day-glo prints happen printed which appear outdated Eagle proclamation mentioning AROUND THE FORMS YE SONS OF CHOICE. The fresh new, improved Discordian images, however, get one moderate statement alter, and talk about happily LOSE a POSITION YE SONS OF CHOICE. For example the outdated ones, they are posted in outstanding areas on election day.»
  • Venture Pan-Pontification: This task is made up of the distribution of «Pope cards» claiming every dude, lady, and youngsters on the planet as a Pope of dissension. POPE poster may be obtained from Discordia traditions specialist
  • Visualize Graffito (and Undertaking Bumpersticker): «you can now join in by inventing a really Erisian mantra and since it’s offered wider distribution. Illustrations: neighborhood Police force include Armed and harmful; Legalize Free-Enterprise killing; Why Should authorities have got all the enjoyment?; break the federal government Postal market; If Voting Could replace the process, it will be illegal; etc.»
  • Individuals Against drug use: «This group have sophisticated letterheads that is focused on a promotion of pushing Congressmen to outlaw catnip, undertaking injections exactly where things simply arrive if you like those to punctuation discretionary a drug which some youths become smoking whenever marijuana is small source.» The thought behind this really that since the government lost much reliability in warfare on cannabis, a campaign to outlaw a «comparable, but way more comical herb» will result in a total reduction in trust in administration.
  • Improv anywhere arranges citizens to complete certain, weird, and orchestrated measures, including Operation person mirror each morning. Team, naturally, declines getting tangled up in OM.
  • The aggressive Initiation Project tries to track down similar souls and baffled majority.

OMGASM plans

Completed projects

  • Colbertgasm — your panels to sponsor Mr. Colbert and Mr. Stewart to the trick civilizations they would greatest advantages
  • MileyGASM — the solar panels to get Miley Ray Cyrus into Discordian ranks and accept becoming a Discordian American Princess

Alternative manufacturers

Although many of this different figure for Operation Mindfuck include classified, unclassified data consist of OM (which seems to be an acronym) and functions Mindfool (used by Shamlicht family pub).


By meaning, all work of functions Mindfuck include incorrect, like this option.