A visual creative and internet dating sim match which includes gay love filled with gorgeous CGs, tunes, words performing and rub down layout!

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Whole Services ? BL/Yaoi/Gay Video Game ? A Relationship Sim ? Vision Book

Gaming Systems · Laredo, United States Of America · Herculion

An aesthetic unique and going out with sim match which includes gay romance packed with breathtaking CGs, songs, words behaving and therapeutic massage design! View on Kickstarter

    $96,325 of $20,000 2500 lifted (482per cent)

Enemies of Murka: Chromatic Scale

Tabletop Programs · Columbus, United States Of America · Action Literary Composition

A queer-led, queer-designed 5e product with larger gay energy, going on in a satirical, high-fantasy version of New York City! View on Kickstarter

    $57,073 of $15,000 2500 raised (380per cent)

To Trust an Incubus Bara Yaoi BL Gay Relationship Sim Visual Novel

Video Gaming · Las Cruces, U . S . · Yamila Abraham

The temp staff Kenta try quarantined in a laboratory with prof Raiden, their research Assistant Arata, and 4 GORGEOUS Incubi from another aspect! View on Kickstarter

    $47,217 of $20,000 USD brought up (236%)

Alpha Hole Jail Yaoi Bara Gay BL Sci-Fi LGBTQ Visual Novel

Video Games · Santa Fe, U . S . · Yamila Abraham

Earthling Miguel becomes lifetime in Alpha Hole—a notorious place imprisonment! This individual must use his charms to convince a very good inmate to defend him or her. Look at Kickstarter

    $46,854 of $40,000 2500 elevated (117%)

Intense Meatpunks Forever: The Roleplaying Match

Tabletop game titles · Cornwall and Isles of Scilly, great britain · Sinister mustache programs

A tabletop Role-play Game about found relatives, queerness and gigantic programs made of meats. Generally be homosexual. Original mechs. Destroy Nazis. Take on Kickstarter

    ?31,523 of ?15,000 GBP elevated (210per cent)

Developing Over The Top — A Gay A Relationship Sim Computer Game

Video Gaming · Eureka, US · Obscura

A video clip online game in which you perform a homosexual college or university guy who merely came out of wardrobe. A dating sim with suspense, laughter, & erotic circumstances. Take on Kickstarter

    $38,601 of $5,000 USD increased (772percent)

Mister Functional

Gaming Systems · Santa Fe, United States · Yamila Abraham

A Gay Bara Yaoi BL LGBT Superhero Visual Creative Event Take On Kickstarter

    $35,500 of $20,000 USD brought up (178percent)

Morningdew Harvesting: An Involved Gay Farming Graphic Unique

Video Games · Las Cruces, United States Of America · Yamila Abraham

Sweet Southerner Cody ultimately finds out his own like starting a ranch in Gayborhood of Morningdew! exciting agriculture and horny loving-Yeehaw! Look at Kickstarter

Legend of Rune: A BL / Yaoi Vision Book RPG

Game titles · Iowa City, United States · YesterJoy Activity

a boys’ fancy / homosexual artistic novel and going out with sim that mixes an epic and interesting facts with problem and RPG elements. Look at Kickstarter

    $29,246 of $9,500 2500 lifted (308%)


Online Games · Los Angeles, United States Of America · Heather Flora

A graphic novel/mech brawler about gay disasters beating-up neonazis in massive robots manufactured meats. View on Kickstarter

    $26,907 of $22,000 2500 elevated (122per cent)

Robin Morningwood Adventure

Video Games · Lille, France · Grizzly Player School

Robin Morningwood experience was a gay (bara) sexual online dating machine and journey gaming. Take on Kickstarter

    €18,119 of €12,000 EUR raised (151%)

The Divine Speaker — An Illusion BL/Yaoi/Gay Vision Unique

Video Games · Hobart, Aussie-land · Two-and-a-half Studios

A BL/Yaoi vision Novel following the journeys of Raen since he’s cast out of his household and aims redemption. Precisely what was destiny, at any rate? View on Kickstarter

    $29,500 of $16,060 AUD brought up (184%)